Wisdom decks

Sue Lion and Her Connection to Magical Mother Earth

Susan Andra Lion’s inspired drawings and writing touch the magical side of life. Using original poetry with ink and pencil, they speak of gentleness, hope, and the tender touch of Mother Earth. Her children’s books show her belief that art is a great educational tool for bringing forward our connection to the Earth and its many creatures. The illustrations are fun, engaging, detailed, and uniquely designed. Sue also has a special connection to animals, believing as the Ancients do that all animals bring pertinent messages to us. We are asked to just pay attention and include all life into our lives.

Books by Sue Lion

How the Trees Got Their Voices and White Butterfly and Her Wings of Many Colors are two of a variety of books that connect us to the earth and each other. Mother Earth, history, animals, and culture >>


Greeting cards are a wonderful way to be both inspired by unique images and leave a personal message inside. Feminine energy, divine beings, spirit animals, mermaids, seasons, tree spirits, animals >>


Journals, each with a carefully chosen drawings for the cover, and blank, quality paper ready for personal thoughts and sketches. Bookmarks mark a place, encouraging the reader to come back. >>

Decks & Minis

Several collections of Sue Lion’s drawings and writings, each with a specific theme. Three full size decks and many mini-decks – all teach us about ourselves with original affirmations and a gentle call to action. Powerful energy, magical beings, spirit animals >>